It's almost Dad's day over here so I was just wondering how closely I followed in his footsteps. Let's see.

Category My Old Man Me
Favorite Collectible Baseball Cards Pokemon Cards
Favorite Toy BB-Gun Nerf-Crossfire
First Pet Border Collie Furby
First Addiction Hard Work Tomigotchi
Favorite Book No time to read Animorphs (All)
Siblings 6, 3 survived 2 brothers
First Job Brick Layer Krispy Kreme Drive-Thru
Free-time Activity Not Applicable Sleep
Pencil Preference
#1 #2 (mechanical)
Battery Preference Duracell Energizer
Instrument Harmonica Guitar
Favorite Smell Gasoline Axe (Essence)
Biggest Childhood Fear Smallpox Cancellation of Salute Your Shorts
Times Cried Once, age 4, broken leg Once today, remembering cancellation of salute your shorts
Years of Service 4, Marines 6, Counter-Strike and Halo 2
Benches 250 lbs.
1, Freshman Woodworking, B-
Backyard B-Ball Record 172-0-1 0-172-1

A chip off the old block I'd say.