1. Get a friend who's registration date is before yours to save you seats in as many classes as possible.
2. When it's your turn to register, add all classes of interest.
3. Check Ratemyprofessor.com and drop all the ones with bad teachers.
4. Replace all your MWF classes with online classes.
5. Drop your TR sections and take those offered once a week instead, preferably after 1 pm.
6. Attempt to replace math with an easy elective (Film Analysis, Man's Food etc.).
7. Check for openings in said elective every hour.
8. Change your major.
9. Repeat steps 2-7.
10. Keep checking for openings in your desired elective.
11. Attend the class anyway, even if you're not registered.
12. Casually follow one of the other students home.
13. Kill them.
14. Check for the upcoming opening in the class.
15. Add class.

You're now taking 12 credits, and you only have class on Tuesdays and Wednesdays after 3 pm, and you still get home in time for Lost. 5 day weekends, here we come!