7. Streeter tells Amir that he wants him to watch this new hilarious video online. When Amir is watching the video and distracted, Streeter beats Amir mercilessly with an aluminum bat. YOU GOT PRANKED!

8. Amir, after a long and arduous recovery from a broken spine, gives Streeter an anonymous phone call saying that his whole family was murdered. He then reveals that it’s just a prank, until the next day when Amir actually murders Streeter’s whole family. GOT YOU BITCH!

9. Streeter kills two innocent bystanders in the middle of the night downtown. He then sneaks into Amir’s apartment where he finds Amir asleep. He puts Amir’s fingerprints on the gun, and plants the evidence where it will be found the next day. When authorities come and find the prints, they find Amir, take him into custody, and sentence him to life in prison. WHO”S LAUGHING NOW BITCH?!?

10. Amir, in prison, spends the next 15 years tunneling through his prison wall until he finally makes a daring escape through 500 yards of sh*t smelling foulness I couldn’t even imagine. He gets out (but not before exposing the warden for the criminal he is), and hunts down Streeter. Amir shoots Streeter in the head, but it soon after is shot by an off-duty police officer.

11. Amir and Streeter are buried next to each other. Streeter’s tombstone reading “I’m buried with Stupid” and an arrow pointing to Amir’s grave. WHO’S THE BITCH NOW?!?