There have been a lot of tried and true methods to win girls over throughout the years. Some go with flowers, chocolates, fancy dinners, big romantic gestures or even just getting them drunk enough to want to make out with you. I will give this guy credit. He's thinking outside the box.

The least creepy way to win someone's heart

Now, let's take a minute to process this. He injected a woman with his own blood. HIS OWN BLOOD. Maybe I'm missing something, but actually stabbing a woman near the heart with a needle is probably not going to send her running into your arms. The police officer said this about his reasoning, "He thought that if he could not marry her, at least his blood can stay inside her body."

Aww, now isn't that sweet and not at all disturbing. This begs the question: Is he a poetic genius or a cracked out nut? Let's review his well thought out sentiments. Think of the romantic power his words and actions convey, and then imagine how nice he is to share with her any possible communicable diseases that he had in his blood, so they could suffer through them together.

Good try there, slick, but I'm going to have to label you as a grade A whackjob. Don't let the door hit you on the way into the Crazyville Town Hall.