While you were watching Britney's VMAs' performance over and over again on your TiVo, a bunch of other celebrities were doing stupid sh*t all week. Let's get through Britney's big ass (is that possible?) and move on to the other crazies.

So this week was all about Britney, bitch. Because she did this, and wore this, and had hair like this in her VMAs "comeback." [Egotastic]

Immediately following her flop she also:
Flashed her vag
Walked off stage crying "I look like a fat pig!"

Hot. Almost as hot as spray-painting abs onto her stomach. She did that. Seriously guys. [WWTDD, Egotastic]

Luckily, some ladies did look hot at the VMAs. And we're not just talking about Pete Wentz.

Thank you, Rihanna. [HollywoodTuna]

A couple of douchebags got in a fight over a weathered old hag. Yes we mean you, Pam Anderson. [IDLYITW]

Meanwhile, Kanye West had a serious hissy fit backstage at the VMAs about not winning any awards – Listen to it here! Because that's what seriously matters right now. This week. Not like, any wars that might be going on, or any anniversaries of really shitty days where a bunch of buildings fell. Seriously, what an effing douchebag. But his new album rullleeezzz! [IDLYITW]

Sorry, that was a downer. Good news though – Hayden Panettiere is single again! And she's legal! Go to (bone) town, my friends! [WWTDD]

Jessica Simpson continues her career or showing off her tits through sheer, tight clothes. [Egotastic]

Get your barf buckets out, because her is our favorite freak show Jenna Jameson looking a few months away from turning into a pile of bones and silicone. [WWTDD]

I forgot to tell you that Paris showed up at the VMAs look all sorts of grandmother-y. [DListed]

Everyone's fave depressed funnyman, Owen Wilson, has decided against going to rehab for his alleged drug problem and instead has hired a "sober companion" for $750 a day. Aim high my friends! This could be your future after college. Fuck I-Banking! [CelebrityBabylon]

Ashlee Simpson's new song sucks as much as her new nose. [DListed]

Finally, I hate this video so much that I want to pass it on to all of you. Enjoy (or not). [CelebSlam]

Love and bad hair,