Two Words: Pam Dixon.

Real American Hero?… The short answer is yes. The long answer, also, is yes. Why, you might ask?

Kevin Bacon, of "Footloose" fame, decided that he should make a movie with someone who had acting skills commensurate with his own. Who can ever forget the "Jimmy Dolan Shake and Bake?" I've spent sleepless nights rehearsing my fakeouts on the court, yet I still cannot perform the Jimmy Dolan Shake and Bake. Kevin Bacon, is therefore AMAZING at basketball.

We all know Fred Ward. He played the Father of "Joe Dirt" in the aptly titled "Joe Dirt." He was also the 357-Magnum wielding padre of Dj Qualls' (somebody punch me in the face for knowing his real name) character in "Road Trip." Most importantly, he was the star of a little movie called: "REMO WILLIAMS." If you've never seen it, your parents probably never loved you as a child.

I need to make an important sidenote here: Fred Ward actually IS Remo Williams! The movie was so poorly received that he got away with being an international spy/assassin. Fred Ward(OOPS, Remo Williams!) operates in several satellites of the former USSR, and also in the Middle East….

My point is this… There is a woman among us who saw fit to cast two of the greatest thesbians of all time, in ONE SINGLE MOVIE. The movie is called "Tremors." It may possibly be one of the United States' greatest cinematic achievements of all time. If you haven't seen it, I imagine you could watch the whole movie on youtube, along with "Critters 4:The critter space invasion."

Martin Luther King Jr., George Washington, Abraham Lincoln…. they were all pioneers of American Ideals. Pam Dixon saw fit to combine two of the greatest American C-list celebs into one of the greatest movies that the silver screen has ever had the pleasure to portray.