Yesterday's DVD contest was a lot of fun. We all had a good time watching the comments turn into a confusing string of numbers and curses. Now, however, you must use your wits to win one of the remaining 120 Reno 911 DVDs.

Today, you'll need to figure out the clues and find the mystery screen name. Once you have the mystery screen name, IM it and if you're one of the first 20 people to do so, YOU WIN!

If you've already won a DVD please don't participate

The Riddle!

The screen name you seek is made up of two pieces of information: a name and a number.

The name is the first and last name of our first user.

The number is the seven-digit number in the URL of our latest original video.

Put the two together like so – First name Last name Number – and add that name as a buddy.

Then, send an IM with your email address. If you're in the first 20 to IM, you win.