Last week, I mentioned Facebook to my father. His response was "I don't even know what a Space Book is!"

Parents just don't understand technology, and now's our chance to embarrass them for it. Send ridiculous questions your parents have asked about computers to We'll post the funniest every week.

Just to get the ball rolling, here are some of the best from around the office.

Intern Patrick:
My mom still asks me "How is your internship at The Google doing?"

Jr. Developer Chris:
My dad wrote me this mysterious email – "I have no idea how to correct the gaps between sentences. In fact I don't even know how I created them. Writing with a pen is easier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Developer Nick:
"When I first got this job, I was trying to explain to my dad what a web developer does. He said, 'So you’re going to put it into language and make it a web?”

Intern Jeff:
We've had cable Internet for years, but my mom still asks "Are you off the phone yet? Can I go on the online?"

Designer Lori:
My mom has a bad habit of reading my emails over my shoulder. Any time I'm on a website with a banner ad she asks, "Who's that? He's cute! Are you going on a date with him?"