Sweet Comment I Yell After I Kick Your Ass!
Guess Who Guess who kicked your ass. Brown hair, glasses, no signs of balding, male. Was it Jason? Yep!
Battleship E-12. Hit. E-13. Hit. Hmm… E-Z. The way it was kicking your ass.
Connect 4 Connect the four footprints that I left on your ass
LIFE Life's not fair, neither is the way I kicked your ass
Boggles Grandma, it boggles my mind how bad I just kicked your ass
Checkers Superb Play.
Reversi If the world was Reversi, you'd have kicked my ass
Clue Had no clue it would be that easy to kick your ass
Sorry! Sorry!…I kicked your ass.
Trouble Kicking your ass wasn't any trouble
Candyland Candyland ain't so sweet anymore since I kicked your ass, play again?
Pictionary Picture this, there's a guy and he's kicking your ass
Uno Uno! Yo kicko su asso bueno

Tic-Tac-Ass, oops, I forgot 'cause my toe is kicking your ass that its a toe not an ass and….I'm really sorry, I should have thought about this more…