I recently had the chance to acquire the super power of my choice, when FunBox helped some hyper-intelligent race of aliens (I won’t go into the details (they were boring).

But what power to choose? Super strength, while a popular choice, seemed like the kind of power that would get you roped into helping people move. I thought Super Speed would be a good pick, but then I started thinking about what would happen to me if I tripped while doing 60 (not to mention what would happen to my love life). Psychic powers are where the real action is, but who needs all those nosebleeds! Invulnerability seemed like it would be a real problem if I ever need surgery. So I then thought, what about spontaneous regeneration? But the aliens had a specific list of what I could regenerate from ( I could recover from a lion attack, but if I got gored by a rhino I would be shit out of luck ) so no deal there.

I finally settled on the best power I could think of: the ability to absorb other superpowers. It would be great! The more Super humans I met, the more powerful I would become. I was pretty proud of myself; after all, meta-powers are the best kind of powers!

Here’s the thing though… I haven’t really encountered that many Super-powers yet. I mean, I’ve got a few. So far I’ve absorbed the power to see future haircuts (Sometimes more like a curse) and I'm impervious to Tin.

At this point I’m just trying to find someone with flu resistance.