Teh m8ing of a tetraployed strane w/ a diployed plant prodooses a triployed plant do 2 teh fact dat 'n myosis u strt w/ 1 strand of DNA, replic8ed only 1x, + then split teh sell 2x, cr8ing 4 gameats w/ 1/2 of teh DNA. So, 4 'nstince n teh tetraploid plant, teh gameats prodoosed will onlee hve 2n. 'N the diploid plant, teh gametes will onlee have 1n. When thees 2 sets of gameats foose 2getha in sexual reprodction, teh sell will hve 3 comp1337 sets of teh G'nome.

Teh triployed sell can normally proseed threw mytosis 'cause all of teh copyes of the G'nome w/in the sell r cop-Ed. Thus, n a triploid plant, there will be 6 copies. Then, all of the chromosomes lyne ^ w/in the center of teh sell on the metaphAAA's pl8. Lyke i said be4, cause there r 6 copies, on bof sydes of the metaphAAA's pl8 there will b n equal # of chromosomes. Basically, dis meens dat eech chromosome will feyend a partner which n turn will b pulled aprt to cre8 a new sell.

Myosis don't work n a triployed sell cause n myosis there r 2 divisions. Teh problem stRts n prophA's cause there will not b homologous matching w/in teh sells. Basically, its kimpossible 4 da chromosomes 2 fynd a pare s0 they incorrectly sepRate. Eech gameat prodoosed by dis triploid sell will have an impartial Gnome and n turn will b sterile when it trys 2 m8.

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