– "Adam, you're such a little bitch. You do everything your girlfriend says. You can't hang out here anymore."

- "I hate fags. They're just so gay."

- "I just thought of a sweet prank: let's bury these chicken bones in the playground so some stupid idiot will think they're dinosaurs or something. Then we'll throw cat food at him!"

- "Whoa! From right here I can see into Molly Taylor's bedroom while she's changing! Awwwweesssooooommeee…"

- "Dude, Noah, instead of building a dirt jump, you should build this like HUGE boat. It'll be so sweet, dude! We can have, like, two of every animal on it, and a kick ass half pipe!"

- "No, you can't ascend into my Super Awesome Treehouse Club. I mean, sure, you've led a life of pure good, but you're a fucking Jew."

- "I just got my first boner!"

- "I got the First Boner."