Celebrities are ugly, ya'll. For realstown.

Case and point? This monster:

I know Amy Winehouse has been going through some rough times – crack, coke, blah blah blah – but for serious. If Britney can brush her extensions, she should be able to get it together. Right? [CelebSlam]

Hayden Panettiere
has stopped being cute and turned into crazy. Not only did she threaten to "kill" some tabloid reporter but she's rumored to be tapping her Heroes costar's ass. He's thirty. Check out the video of the two of them cuddling and dancing like old people at an Emmys party. Zexy! [IDLYITW]

Look how fugly everyone else looked at the Emmys! [Egotastic]

OJ Simpson, on the other hand – totally sane! It makes complete sense to rob people with guns of stuff that you seem to think is yours. We've all been there, right? Go get 'em, Juice! [IDLYITW]

BIG NEWS! Lindsay Lohan may have fucked a dude in rehab. Or like, forty dudes. Seriously – she can only kick so many habits. Her vagina needs some smack(s)
even if she's clean. [DListed]

Christina Aguilera still has yet to reveal that she's preggers, but really, her boobs say it all. Also, she has silver dollar pancake nipples. Pass the syrup! [Egotastic]

Kanye West beat 50 Cent in record sales, like woah. In other news, we're all still poor. [DListed]

So what do you think….Does Jessica Simpson look more like a tool in her new movie? [IDLYITW]

Or in real life?

I say both. [HollywoodTuna]

Please enjoy the audition tape of Midget Mac, the tiny new contestant on I Love New York 2. [DListed]

I don't know if I have the energy to discuss Britney Spears anymore. She's a drug addict and she's fucked up her kids. But the worst part is that she looks like this. Screw the kids! That ass is messed. [Egotastic]

I hate Heidi Montag, but you probably don't. So here's a present. [CelebSlam]

My present to Heidi: food. Lots of it.

Lastly, here is Oscar De La Hoya. Dressed in chick shit. Breaking boundaries for all mankind. Or just doing some kinky shit. [WWTDD]

Gossip Girl 4-Eva.