I know that sometimes people think that they just can't catch a break. Well, try being this horse.

If it first you don't succeed, then try try again 125 times.

I wonder what goes through that horse's mind every time he goes out there. If I had failed in something 125 times, I feel like my will would be so broken to try again. Especially in something like racing. Do the other horses make fun of him? "Quiet guys, here comes, Dona Chepa, don't talk about what the winners circle looks like." Obviously, it's different in horse years, but he's 9 years old too. Imagine how crippled a 9 year old human kid would be if he'd already amassed 125 losses. Next time he raced for that last cookie in the cookie jar, he'd probably start resorting to knifing other kids for some type of advantage. You hang in there, loser horse, I'm pulling for you!