More nostalgic than the house you grew up in.
I was performing brain surgery once and I wanted to remember something so I made a mental note… by jotting it down on their cerebellum. It said, "Remember to remind patient to convulse uncontrollably."
The Modest Serial Killer
Look guys, I'm just like everybody else – I put your skin on one leg at a time.
World-renowned mime Marcel Marceau died over the weekend. To honor his passing, let us observe a moment of noise.
Giveaways at Joint PBS/Sorority Telethon
- Mugs and Uggs
- Totes Tote Bags
- Syphillis
Word Jumbles for Cows
Gmail Prompt or Nerdy Last Words

- Your message has not been sent. Discard your message?
- I will always love you, Liuetenant Uhura! [translated from Klingon]
- Remember me on this computer

If a girl makes you wear a condom, you probably didn't need it, and if she doesn't make you wear one you probably should have worn two. Life is full of irony. And sex disease.
So it'd be weird if I married my first cousin, I get that. But if I have a kid with my first cousin, then that kid is my first cousin once removed. Which, in my opinion, makes it perfectly okay for me to f*ck it.
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