So we’re back. I didn’t realize how much I missed this show, it’s like that hot ex-girlfriend that you see out at the bar six months later and realize how good you had it. I thought I was fine without the show, but seeing it again at happy hour made me realize that it is way better than wanking off. Now for a little character catch up.
So we got to see some new characters, Los Wonder Twins, the American band Flowers In The Attic siblings. It seems as though their power is to make people have blood tears, something that would make a bunch of Christians pilgrimage to them to have them bless their invalid children.

There was Pete Wentz, at Claire’s new high school, why does she always roll with young boys who don’t realize that they are gay yet. I mean this school is in California, not Texas it is safe to be a little gay. He also has powers, so maybe we can name him Fly Out Boy. Claire is forced to be normal, aww we all feel so bad for you, your high school experience is not going to be amazing where you have powers or have sex or graduate. Welcome to my world.

Hiro is crushed by the realization that is hero is really just a drunk Englishman. Poor guy, I remember thinking the same thing when I finally got to meet my heroe, Peter O Toole. I wonder if this is going to be the thing, where the great adventures that Kensei goes on are really Hiro’s exploits. He is his own hero.

Nathan grew a drunk beard, you know everyone in my family is alcoholics, but they are aware that in order to pass muster you gotta shave. It’s not that hard, drink a cup of coffee, a cold shower and shave the Jameson fuzz, off of face.

Someone is assassinating the old guard of Heroes, and that person was wearing a hoodie! They are truly evil.

Parkman is now living with Molly, a character awfully similar to Professor X’s computer cerebro. Now the poor thing is having nightmares about some serious eyes watching her in her sleep. Creeeeeeeepy. Leave her alone Hall and Oates!!!
Peter is alive, and has a haircut, cleaned himself up, doesn’t remember his name and can still shoot blue stuff from his hands. The way I like my Heroes, amnesiac clean cut with ice powers.

Thank god there was no Haitian in this episode he scares the…No sir there is nothing wrong with my cable. Who let you in? I don’t even have phone servi—

Where am I? What the hell did I just write?