The final whistle blows,
and the Saints are 0-3.
Saints for the Super Bowl they chose,
Which filled me with joy and glee.

Could we finally end the sophomore slumps,
and break out again this year.
No, it seems we're back in the dumps,
from New Orleans, we will not cheer.

Were Brees, Colston, and Bush,
just busy from all the fame?
The Defensive line can't make a push,
and our offense looks like Notre Dame

We can't throw and catch the ball anymore,
and why is it that we cannot run?
Opponents find scoring is not a chore,
last year was great, but '07 is no fun.

I'm quite fond of the good times.
Nothing beats a 4th quarter rally.
Saints suck now, the death bell chimes,
Just add one more to the lost games tally.

There are so many questions in life,
like why can't we be good again?
With all our toils and strife,
we have to beg just for a win.

I still have the faith in New Orleans,
Can you say miracle playoff run?
No, that won't happen in a city full of sins,
at least my LSU Tigers are not done.

I guess the Saints are again perennial losers,
we're a power house in the loser's pack.
but one thing is agreed upon by all the boozers.
The real Saints, the Aints, are surely back.

-Kevin P, Lifelong Aints fan.