Brain: "I'm so drunk. I can't believe I'm going to get head from this beautiful girl I just picked up at the bar in the bathroom. She is so hot, a perfect ten.

Dick: Dude, Mouth, nice work man, I'm so pumped you picked her up.

Balls: Yeah, you did awesome Mouth. I had no idea you were so smooth.

Mouth: No problem fellas, have a good one, I'm going to bed. Tell me about it in the morning.

Dick: Ha, we will!

Balls: This is going to be so sweet.

Eyes: Hey! Hey! Quiet everyone, she's starting.

Dick: Nice. Oh, she must be working the balls first, kinky. How's it feel B?

Balls: Dude, I don't feel anything.

Dick: What are you talking about man?

Balls: Are you sure she's not on you?

Dick: Eyes…um…are you sure she's tonguing us?

Eyes: Yeah. She's right on you D. She looks like she's doing a good job too.

Dick: Brain, are the eyes lying?

Brain: Nope, you're getting head from a beautiful girl.

Dick: Fuck man, maybe I'm broke or something, this feels really weird for being a mouth. Dude, tell Hand to move her down to Balls so I can get a second opinion.

Eyes: Umm…our hand is asleep man and you know how it takes him forever to wake up.

Dick: Shit. Hey mouth. HEY MOUTH!

Mouth: What is it?

Dick: Ask her to do the balls.

Mouth: Fine man, just no more yelling.

Balls: Yeah Dick, you're right. This feels really weird. It feels kind of like the predator is licking me, but not in the good way.

Mouth: Well shit guys, do you want me to tell her to stop?

Dick: NO!

Balls: NO!

knocks on the door

Ears: Someone's at the door.

Mouth: Crap, one second.

more knocks on the door

Ears: I guess dinner's ready. Should we stop?

Mouth: No, keep quiet…"ONE second Mom, I'm doing homework."

Dick: What was all that about?

Mouth: Nothing bro.

Brain: Tough break Dick and Balls, that old girl left, but luckily now there's this really hot brunette chick in the bathroom. Perfect tits, great ass, and a beautiful smile.

Dick: Really? Dude, tell Mouth to say something to her.

Mouth: Alright, I did, she's coming and she's asking for anal, are you up for it.

Dick: Psh, hell yeah, let's do this. Oh, I feel it, feels kind of weird, like a hand.

Nose: Oh, the smell is so bad, I can hardly stand it. Happy brain?

Dick: Dude, now I know it's real! I'm totally railing this chick so hard.