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Special Edition

The WYR is on hold this week because the CH office has split down the middle with regards to a particularly touchy subject – Dolphin Sex.

The question is this: If a dolphin of the opposite sex swam up to you and, in perfect English, said, "Hello (your name), I think you are very attractive. Will you have sex with me?" would you do it? This dolphin is as smart as any human and if fully aware of what it's saying and what it wants.

Half the office said, "Sure, why not?" The other half thought the whole thing was disgusting. So, what we want to know is…

This poll is no longer active.

BTW, there were some pretty creative incentives that were added on to the scenario to make the naysayers admit that, for the right price, they'd have sex with a dolphin. They are as follows.

  • After you have sex with it, the dolphin will take you anywhere in the world reachable by water.
  • Each time you have sex with it, exponentially more homeless people will be fed.
  • Each time you have sex with it, you'll get exponentially more money (starting with $2)
  • Each time you have sex with it, it becomes a little more human and, after 200 sessions, it will turn into your dream guy/girl.
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