10. The children are alone in the desert so there is always the slim chance they could be eaten by wolves. I have my fingers crossed.

9. The children in power are as intelligent as the current leader of the free rule and they are yet to declare war on Iraq.

8.The show has been around two weeks and it hasalready angered PETA much like my 'Save the cows hamburger eating contest"

7.The children on the show work 24/7 to keep their town running. While the corporate heads of "Nike" sit at home fuming because they didn't think of using a reality show to exploit childen for free labor.They are currently pitching "Factory Wars: Kids edition" to ABC.

6.The kid that will later find out he is homosexual while watching the kids of 'Laguna Beach" eating hotdogs is also also a boy scout leader that insists on wearing a cowboy hat 24/7. The ironry is nearly unbearable.

5. The kid that does the most chores and works the hardest is rewarded with a goldstar worth 20k at the end of the week. When I was a child and I did all my chores, my reward was getting to choose what I would be beaten with. I also chose a "Taser" because I wanted to build an immunity for later in life.

4. The show has one black kid and one red-haired freckled faced girl. So the NAACP and the Ginger's are both equally represented here. There is also one kid that is probaly insane so Tom Cruise is also happy. I imagine him and Tom will one day unite and go on a murderous rampage that will be talked about for years.

3. Their are forty kids and no parents so there is always the possibilty of a "Lord of the Flies" type scenario.If we add that with some starving wolves it could make for some pretty interesting television. Once again, fingers crossed.

2. There is one kid named 'Mark" that is always giving moving and motivational speech's. I imagine he will one day become President………of his Everquest fan club……..douche. He reminds me of my class president who eventually died in a horrible stabbing accident in my basement. I always hated him.

1. If 'Kid Nation" did a spinoff with Dateline NBC's"To Catch a Predator" it could spell huge ratings. Hi, My name is Chris Hanson with Dateline NBC, "This is a vacent desert with forty children and no adults why did you come here with a 6 pack of SmirnoffIce and condoms."I got lost"