phone rings

Dave: Hello?

Caller: Yo homie, give us Pete's shirt back!

Dave: Who?

Caller: Pete! Your dawg!

Dave: Why do you want his shirt?

Caller: Why do you talk to the hand? Oh, I remember, because the face ain't listening.

Dave: Real cool man…What shirt are you talking about?

Caller: …His sweet Third Eye Blind shirt!

Dave: He loves that shirt.

Caller: But it's ours!

Dave: No it's not.

Caller: Well not technically, just tell him we want it back. Tell him we will trade it for a Tomigotchi, Furby, or a Tickle Me Elmo, his choice.

Dave: Whatever man, I got to go, bye.

Caller: Bye, Bye, Bye!

Dave: Nsync?

Caller: Word to yo' mutha.

Dave: Vanilla Ice…creepy.

Dave hangs up phone

Pete returns from class wearing the Third Eye Blind shirt

Dave: Hey Pete, the 1990's called, they want their shirt back.

Pete: …You're so lame.