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Dinosaur Fighting Tips
- Aim for the soft under-jaw.
- Guns!
- If dinosaurs start to fade away, take more psychedelic drugs.
Correcting Our Kids' Grammar in 2030
"No, no, no honey, it's whomevs, not whoevs."
I've stopped using condoms when I have sex. But to be safe I aim away from the keyboard.
Ways in Which I Resemble Other Men Named Patrick
Patrick Stewart: Frequently seen wearing "Star Trek" uniform
Patrick Swayze: Not a working actor
Patrick Duffy: Still cry during old episodes of "Step by Step"
The best part about using the shower is that you never have to wipe.
Away Message Rape
BlakeDaMan12: Psst. Christy.
Auto Response from ChrisTyXoXo: asleep
BlakeDaMan12: I'm slowly lifting up your sheet
Auto Response from ChrisTyXoXo: asleep
BlakeDaMan12: Mmm, I'm so deep inside you
Auto Response from ChrisTyXoXo: asleep
BlakeDaMan12: You were asking for it
Auto Response from ChrisTyXoXo: shower
Famous Bible Quotes with "KRORG THE IMPAILER" instead of "God"
And KRORG THE IMPAILER said take now thy son, thine only son Isaac, whom thou lovest, and get thee into the land of Moriah; and offer him there for a burnt offering to KRORG THE IMPAILER upon one of the mountains which KRORG THE IMPAILER will tell thee of.
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