And now for something a little different…

Lots of things happened in 1994: 'I Saw the Sign' was topping the charts, Forrest Gump was raking it in at the box office and a young man named Johnny Lechner started college. Now 'The Sign' is a funny reminder of Sweden's flirtation with pop music, Forrest Gump is a TBS movie of the week and Johnny Lechner is still in college.

That's right, our man Johnny has been in college for 13 years. He's been called the real life Van Wilder and for good reason. But why am I telling you this? Well, Johnny has agreed to wear a camera from now until the day he graduates and broadcast his life live on the Internet using Xanga technology. We had to get in on this somehow.

So head on over to and meet the world's best college student. You can even chat with him if you're logged into CH. We want to make a to do list for Johnny as well so if you have any ideas for that send them to ProjectJohnny @

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