As a Michigan resident, I was a little taken aback when I found out that early Monday morning, the Michigan budget became so withdrawn, that the state government actually shut down for four hours and could potentially have shut down for much longer.Fortunately our governor and her political roster of whiz kids enacted some crisis averting paperwork, some mighty fine pen wielding if you ask me, and raised our taxes.And not by a little either!
While I do not consider myself an expert in politics or state financing, I do consider myself unqualified to cast judgment on the government’s decision.But what kind of judge would I be if I tried to use reason.The state tax was raised from its former amount of %3.9, to its new more badass %4.35.Other than the new state tax the government will be getting from Michiganite wages, the state plans to generate extra revenue from a tax which will be added to common services and a few leisure activates, popular in the state of Michigan.
The leisure activates affected by this tax ranged from ski lift ticket price to… well it affected the ski lift ticket price.There was discussion to extend the tax to Golf club memberships, and even to bowling, but those sports remain safe at this point.
Many common services will increase in price, including the smaller industries such as, commercial landscaping, janitorial services, and commercial investing companies.More importantly however the taxing will include major Michigan business industries such as fortune telling, baby shoe bronzing, and worst of all, one of Michigan’s primary industries, singing telegram services.
I can’t believe the hardships headed our way here in.Though it may not cause any apparent damage, I can’t get over some of the horrifying images that cannot be avoided.Just to think, of all of the phsycics out there, relying on the fortune telling industry to support their family, who will be losing business because of taxation; it’s a shockingly sobering idea.Do fortune tellers not have children’s shoes which need bronzing?If you send a fortune teller a singing telegram, do they not smile?No, because no one can afford to send a singing telegram anymore.
There is a bright side to this near depression however.Luckily the government will only be taxing luxuries, not necessities.I am extraordinarily happy to announce, that basic human requirements will not be taxed, there will be no price increase on professional sports teams, or cable television, and ladies and gentlemen, the Michigan lotto is up to twenty million.Hope does exist in dark times.