Allright guys, open wide. I've got a buttload of goss for you and it's gonna taste better than a Venti Frappucino with Whipped Cream.

There's our girl!

So Brit Brit lost her babies on Monday when the judge in her custody case gave K-Fed full custody of their chubby brats because Brit didn't do anything she was told to do. Stupid ass.

At Wednesday's hearing the judge kept custody with K-Fed and granted Brit supervised visitation rights. Too bad she wasn't at the hearing to learn this stuff. Bitch was a STARBUCKS! [CelebSlam]

In other bad news that will make you puke, there might be a Britney Sex Tape. Though it could be interesting to see how she uses that Frappucino as a dildo. [Egotastic]

Okay. This is gross too. Here are some pics of Anna Nicole Smith all drugged up and almost dead. One is of her apparently covered in vomit but I've been too chicken-shit to look at it. [IDLYITW]

Brooke Hogan wants to know what you think her outfit says about her. My guess: "Hand jobs, 5 dollars. BJs, free!"

No for serious, I love me some Brooke. She does not give a shit about no one and it rules. [CelebSlam]

So apparently there are some Kim Kardashian sexy pics floating around from when she was 16! And they're taken with her then 17-year old sister! Dirtalicious! I want to be excited but it feels wrong. The photographer probably felt the same way. [IDLYITW]

Remember when I mentioned that Jessica Simpson had hot legs? Now they're all fucked up and bruised. Check out the close up if you don't believe me. Sexy! Like Anna Nicole's puke-face. [CelebSlam]

Kid Rock is now accusing Pam Anderson of lying about having a miscarriage. This is not going to get you laid, unless you tell a chick you'll never talk about her miscarriage in an interview. Do that and your dick is golden. [IDLYITW]

Lindsay Lohan and her dad are on a five-day retreat together to bond over how much coke they've both done. Get better Lohans! [WWTDD]

It's as if Cameron Diaz is trying to see what it would feel like to actually have boobs. [HollywoodTuna]

Lastly, my hatred for Heidi Montag and the time she spends posing on beaches is beginning to boil up uncontrollably. [HollywoodTuna]

Team Justin Bobby,