It's my favorite time of the week, it's time for the Weekly WYR. See if you're brave enough to choose a side in what surely are the universe's most difficult quagmires. And remember, if you've got a great WYR, send it to me at Streeter.Seidell @

Would You Rather…

  • Have a girl fall asleep while you are having sex, or have her tell you to "just stop" because she is going to fall asleep? From Katie
  • Get shot in the leg, or stabbed in the arm? From Bo
  • Be able to draw perfect geometrical shapes, or be able to write in Times New Roman font? From Bek
  • Be able to complete to complete sentences From Justin
  • Run a mile on scalding hot concrete or swim a half a mile in freezing cold water? From Josh
  • Have your boogers smell bad or your tongue taste bad? From Russ
  • Have to swear in every sentence you speak or be limited to a third
    grade vocabulary? From Brian
  • Have body hair that is constantly growing or have a cone head that
    grows 2 inches every year? From Hannah
  • Eat a whole can of dog food or a whole tube of toothpaste? From HIbb

Finally, this week's winner of the You Stumped Me Award is Tony, who sent in this.

  • WYR Give up oral sex for the rest of your life or give up cheese for the rest of your life? From Tony
Congrats Tony, I honestly can't make up my mind. This WYR was so good it went out to the entire CH office and we're all debating it now.

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