1. They talk way too loud on their cell phone in public
2. Instead of showering they wear Axe Body Spray
3. They think Heineken is a classy beer
4. They drink protein shakes
5. They own the entire collection of Girls Gone Wild
6. They “don’t vote, bro.”
7. Rock of Love With Brett Michaels is their favorite TV show
8. They’re the male lead of “Good Luck Chuck”
9. They obsess over their car
10. They have seen more than one movie that features The Rock
11. They always check out your sister’s ass
12. They always smoke your weed
13. Stephen King is their favorite author
14. They’re from New Jersey
15. They listen to Nickelback
16. They get a spray-on tan
17. They always say stuff like “That show Frasier is for fags.”
18. In their facebook picture they’re not wearing a shirt
19. They own a wooden paddle
20. They are named Carlos Mencia