Buckethead is an American guitarist and composer. He is known for wearing a white plastic mask and a KFC bucket. He is a prolific composer, having released 22 solo albums and performed on 33 more. His music spans a wide variety of genres including thrash metal, funk, electronica, jazz and avant-garde.
Although a capable multi-instrumentalist (playing bass guitar, banjo,and piano), Buckethead is best known for his electric guitar playing, characterized by diverse playing styles spanning thrash guitar, fingerpicking, and slap guitar. Guitar One voted him number 8 on a list of the "Top 10 Greatest Guitar Shredders of All Time".*

Chickenhead is a guitarist hailing from Kansas City, Missouri. He is known for wearing a chicken mask on his head—not to conceal his identity, or for artistic purposes, but because it was accidentally glued onto his head by his older brother when he was 4.
Despite the chicken mask, which as he describes it, "…leaves me with 90% reduced visibility and a near incapability of feeding myself…", his fret-working excels many of his more popular, less accident-prone contemporaries.

Jesushead is a guitarist known for his outstanding shredding capabilities, and the fact that he performs with his body locked in a twenty-foot-tall brace, due to his insistence on performing with a life-size crucifix attached to the top of his head. While this adornment attracts many Christian rock enthusiasts, Jesushead himself is a Tibetan Buddhist.

Smallelderlyjewhead is a guitarist from New York. Those who have attended his shows claim he can only play three chords, yet he regularly packs underground shows because of his trademark: famed director/comedian Woody Allen sits perched atop his head during his shows. On occasion Smallelderlyjewhead will allow Woody to tell a few jokes between sets; however, he has recently stopped allowing him to do so when at a show in Des Moines, he realized that Woody Allen is not funny.

Severedheadhead is a guitarist from Shreveport, Louisiana, who performs with a severed human head worn as a hat. He is currently wanted in three states.

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