i noticed something while getting gas yesterday at the local fillerup place, and it was quite disturbing. it was a fat kid, and not fat as in " i haven't lost my baby fat yet" or " he'll grow into his body" either. this lethargic waste of life was so disgusting that fat doesn't do him justice. did i just say him? sex was undeterminable, but i just assumed it was a him on principal, that principal being that if a girl were that fat, i'd throw up. a bulbous male is somewhat easier to stomach(pardon the pun). he was in the back of an suv, peering at me from around the passenger seat, and the face seemed to merge with the torsoe. you know what i mean. the jowels merge into the shoulders which sag into the bitch tits and so on and so forth. this slovenly being was inhaling a twinky in an attempt to induce heart failure, and, if my eyes didn't mistake me, his mother was encouraging him. she was, at least, holding a box of twinkies, which seemed to say to me " i hate my child and hope he dies". his father wasn't any better, pumping gas and smoking a cigarette. nothing against smoking, except cancer, but the unhealthy example was uninspiring. did i mention that both parents were overweight? i didn't, but you could have guessed. do you know why fat parents begat fat kids? it's not mcdonalds fault, or the fast food industry in general at all. fat parents have fat kids because they hate themselves and nothing is better to pick on and make yourself feel better than a fat kid. it's more acceptable for parents to be fat because people only think badly about them, they rarely actually say anything to their face. fat kids, on the other hand, provide an outlet for others to vent their frustration, therefore allowing a pervading sense of self-rightousness. as the glutenous blob and i locked eyes, we shared a moment. instantly, it was clear to me, as if scales had dropped from my eyes. upon realizing my folly, i offered the only help i could to the brave fellow and gave him a sympathetic nod of recognition. the young man wasn't eating to make mom happy or to make dad more comfortable about his self-esteem. he wasn't eating because he was hungry or because he didn't have any friends, either. this glut was and had been chowing because of one reason only. anime. anime addiction is the number one most undiagnosed eppidemic in the country, and it is taking america's youth by storm. symptoms include increased masturbation, acne, heavy weight gain, greasy hair, pale skin, and lack of interaction with others. if left untreated, victims tend to stay indoors and become almost totally lethargic and reclusive. having a life is out of the question, and popularity is unheard of. if you or someone you know is suffering from anime, seek help immediatly. most doctors say sex with a woman cures anime addiction, but admit that in most cases, this is not feasable. in extreme cases, a healthy ass-whipping is called for, usually administered by one's peers. raise awareness in your area so that soon we can rid society of this cancer we call anime, and, in turn, get rid of most of the fat people that make my stomach sick when i see them as well.