First of all, I'm going to be a complete tool and use the phrase, "I'm not going to lie." I have sold myself out so much in fact, I actually put the phrase in the title of this post. I've heard and used that term more than a Chilean whore has
heard, "insertar el peniso," or Allen Iverson has said practice in that one interview or Fatboy Slim has said, "Check it out now, the funk shoul brotha."

Basically I have nothing to write about and school is starting to bug me. I like school as much as Michael Jackson likes women. Women his own age. Sometimes I wish school was a hot piece of ass. I'd do things with her. Sexual things. Lead her on as if I liked her, but never call her back and then liberate thousands of her slaves she calls students. That would be awesome. I'd be the official cool guy, but only until I stopped saying, "I'm not going to lie."

One thing I do like is math. Math is so goddamn cool. SO COOL! Math is about as cool as Sam Donaldson that eye brow aficionado pictured above. Correction it's about as cool as a Pontiac Fierro and if you don't know what that is, than you don't know cool.