I just received an invitation via Facebook to National Sex Day, which begins at 12:00am December 21st, and ends at 12am December 22nd. They even have a link to a resource for getting free condoms. For some reason I am endlessly fascinated by this and my brain has been on overdrive. Some thoughts:

  • I immediately joined the event and set my RSVP to "Attending." Then I wrote on the wall, "I can't last that long. Maybe until 12:05am… if she's lucky."

  • 45,000 people have set their RSVPs to "Not Attending." Seriously? Who is sitting at home right now going, "National Sex Day, hmm? No… no, that doesn't sound fun at all."

  • 76,000 people are attending. 73,359 of them are full of shit. These figures are exact.

  • I wonder how many children will be conceived on National Sex Day.

  • There are dozens of skeezy guys using this as an excuse to write stupid shit like "Hey ladies, who wants to help me celebrate? hahaha ROTFL!!!! But seriously…"

  • Another wall post: "Condoms are a conspiracy perpetrated by the U.S. Government. In other news, I'm behind on my child support again."

  • The event is growing exponentially. Several hundred people have joined since I started writing this post. You can almost see the STDs spreading in front of your very eyes.

  • Alright, the novelty has passed. That was fun while it lasted.