I've noticed quite a few new people here are writing articles, but I think you need some help. If you want to post a super awesome article here on CH to impress your friends and that cute chick down the hall with your 7 likes, then there are a few tips that I'd like to pass on.

1) Be a freshman:
You've only been in school for a few months now, but you have everything figured out about college. Those older kids who write mean comments are just out of touch with their inner freshman.

2) Type yur post ful. uv gramaticil ererrs so thut" u cant by understud:
I need not go further.

3) Try not to have a sense of humor:
Write the most serious article you can, but pretend that its clever and witty. Who cares if no one else thinks its funny. The joke's on them!

4) Make your posts as meandering as you can:
You don't need a central theme, as long as some of the words relate back to the title. This way people can fill in the gaps on their own or think that you were drunk when you wrote it, therefore making you 'super cool'.

5) Leave off the important climax of your article with no explanation:
This way people can