Finally, the show is starting to look up and up, though again nothing really happened. This episode featured something that TV shows rarely have any more, characters making decisions. I know this may seem like a far out concept from fans of a show like Lost, where nobody ever decides anything or shares information.

I love that after all this hell that has happened to the characters in the last two seasons, Ando has just gone back to work, to be more precise he has gone back to slacking off at work, playing a ‘hip’ ‘new’ videogame. It looked like he was playing Tron. I never noticed this about Heroes before: the subtitles aren’t along the bottom of the screen; they are in locations that talk bubbles would be in a comic book. That is pretty cool, I guess if you are going to rip off everything from comic books you might as well continue (types of powers, virus affecting mutants, all we need is giant sentinels hunting Molly). Hiro decides to stay in Japan and talk to Ando in a very ‘Lake House’ manner, to me that’s pretty cool. I just hope he doesn’t fuck up the space-time continuum so bad when he takes that almanac with all the sports scores out. Beware Biff’s future!

Parkman and Mohinder are raising Molly together that is so cute, I enjoyed watching them have their lover’s quarrel while she was sleeping. There is a show idea, My Two Dads: One Who Is An Indian Scientist and His Blood Saved Me, and T
he Other Who Is A Psychic Cop and He is Hunting The Person Who Haunts Me.

A lot of making out in this episode, Cheer and Fly Out Boy, Petrelli and bRogue (get it?). He doesn’t care who he is? What is that all about? I mean I am a sucker for a girl (or guy) with an accent too, but come on. Are you kidding me? You have fucking powers and you are invincible and you don’t want to try and figure it out? Sorry for all of the question marks and screaming but that part bothered me. He could find out who he was and still get some Irish skull.

Of all the powers that fly out boy could have, he is a flyer? With all the powers in the Marvel and DC universe for Tim Kring to steal and this is the one he repeats. Does that mean he is also a son of Petrelli? Thereby making him Claire’s sister…eww…hot. Just wait until Claire takes her new beau home to meet her parents, going to be a little awkward, he was the one who kidnapped her. Also if you are going to go into hiding to protect your identity, why do you continue to wear horn-rimmed glasses, it is a way to stand out not to mention your only identifying factor and also its practically your name for crying out loud. (Streeter told me that my articles suck because there are never any pictures of indestructi-broad, so here perv.

We need more Haitian!
Where the fuck am I?