Do your parents not understand computers? None of them do, they're all morons! People that dumb shouldn't be allowed to breed.

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  • Every time my mom sends me a text message, she calls me immediately afterward asking, "Did you get my text message?"
    -James from Creighton

  • My father-in-law asked me where the lower-case keys are.
    -Brian H.
  • I tried to teach my grandmother basic computer skills, but I wasn't able to get anywhere with her because she kept rotating the mouse on the mouse-pad. She thought you had to steer it like a car when you wanted the pointer to go someplace.
    -Kurtis from University of Missouri-Columbia
  • My grandfather literally used the screen as a mousepad because he thought the cursor was controlled by the mouse being on the screen. -Chad G.
  • My grandmother got a digital camera for her birthday, and took it with her on a trip the next week. Since the camera's setting was on video from day one, she took 5-second video clips the whole trip and no pictures. When the memory was full, she put the camera back in the box and left it in the closet for a year because she didn't know how to take the footage off.
    -Ty from Willamette