1. All girls from Poland are named Svetlana.

2.Every male from Los Angeles in the 90's name was AJ, they were all black,and they all had high-topfade haircuts.

3. Mike O'Malley loves cocaine.

4. Climbing the Agro-Crag is the single greatest feat man can accomplish. Fuck you EverestÂ…we're goin to the Crag.

5.Everything you do is more fun if your tied to the ceiling with a bungee cord.

6.Every single person on the planet loved Michael Jordan. Any one who didnt was clearly un-dead, a communist, or from South America in which case they still hadnt gotten over Pele.

7. Who the fuck thought that that piece of rock was a good prize?

8. The Crag is not really radioactive.

9. I do not "have it."

10. I was really stupid when I was a little kid. Really. Fucking. Dumb.