Just answer the questions below to see if you're going to survive through mid-terms, or if your roommate is going to enjoy the rest of the semester living in a single!

Fill in the blank, "This is my _____ semester":
Fifth (0 points)
Last (1 point)
First (2 points)
Only (3 points)

What's your favorite thing about living away from home?
I never have any trouble finding a Pokemon Stadium opponent (0 points)
The cafeteria has a buffet everyday! (1 point)
My mom isn't here to tell me what I can and can't put in the microwave (2 points)
My mom isn't here to tell me I can't build my own microwave (3 points)

What state is your college in?
Oregon (0 points)
My community college is in the same state I've always lived in (1 point)
North Dakota (2 points)
Not sure (3 points)

How important is having a good GPA to you?
I'll do my best, but I won't push myself too hard (0 points)
Whatevs (1 point)
The most important thing in the world (2 points)
Some kid bet me $5 I couldn't get a 2.0 if I do shrooms every day this semester. So, a little (3 points)

What's your most difficult class?
Attractive, Nude Girl-From-Your-English-Class Figure Drawing 101 (0 points)
Gross Old Naked Homeless Man Figure Drawing 201 (1 point)
Programming Environments 301 (2 points)
Trigophysicometry 401 (3 points)

Finish this sentence, "Drinking is …":
Fun once in a while (0 points)
Helps me be social at parties (1 points)
An activity for losers and failures (2 points)
2 pm to 11 pm at my place, then we hit the bars (3 points)

What's your greatest accomplishment at school?
Made lots of great friends (0 points)
Once made it to class on time (1 point)
Once handed in a 78-page paper when the minimum was only four (2 points)
One time I busted my head open riding a surfboard down the stairs. My friend stitched it back together with dental floss. I didn't even have to go to the hospital (3 points)

Which most closely resembles a typical night for you?
Hang out with some dudes, maybe play some Smash Brothers or Halo (0 points)
Do some beers, study a little, maybe go to a party. Whatevs (1 point)
Study, run 5 miles, go to my Tae Kwon Do class, study, eat a healthy meal, study, then a full 8 hours of sleep (2 points)
Get drunk, black out then check the CollegeHumor picture section in the morning to see what I did (3 points)