Capital Punishment

Hey Doug, you got a minute?
…OOOOOooooooooaaaaaaaah. [coughcough] Yeah man, what's up?
I have to have a political debate with someone for a class.
Yeah man, I'm like politically aware and stuff.
Right… Well, what's your opinion on capital punishment?
[bong rip]
Doug, capital punishment?
[bong continues to rip]
Alright, just let me know when you're done or something.
[coughcoughcough] No dude I got you. Capital punishment, that's like the gas chamber and stuff, right?
Well, that's one method of state execution; there's also the electric chair and lethal injection.
You know how I'd want to go?
Doug, why would the state ever execute you?
Cause of pot man, they hate it and they''re trying to get all the potheads. High Times actually did an undercover story, there's a movement in Congress right now to-
No, Doug, we're talking about capital punishment.
I know! And they're going to start punishing capitally. The pot smokers. Who are smoking pot.
Alright Doug, do you think it's wrong, then, to give people the death penalty?
Totally dude! What's so bad about smoking pot?
No Doug, for any crime, not just smoking pot.
If I went, you know how I'd want to go?
No, but I think I can guess.
Gas chamber, man! Except, not like that carbon dioxide stuff, but like… heh heh heh. DIE-oxide.
That's very funny Doug, back to the topic at-
No, but I'd have them fill the room up with pot smoke, dude! Death by cannabis!
So.. you're for the death penalty?
Then I would go to pot heaven! High heaven!
Thanks Doug, you've been a huge help.