Just after finishing intercourse…

Boyfriend: Oh, that was so good…you're uh, you know…good, right?
Girlfriend: Oh yea, that was great.
Boyfriend: Yea, definitely.
Girlfriend: You faked it though.
Boyfriend: …what was that?
Girlfriend: You faked your orgasm.  I'm not an idiot.
Boyfriend: Uh, no, well, it's just that, ummm…I just had so much to drink tonight, and we had been going for a while, and I just thought that it might be hurting you, and I just…I love you baby, you know that.  I wouldn't normally do that to you, you know that.
Girlfriend: You did it like two weeks ago also.  Again, not an idiot.
Boyfriend: Are you sure?  I coulda sworn this was the first time…
Girlfriend: Yea, I'm positive.  It's not like I can't feel anything down there.
Boyfriend: Well, uhh…you know, I just, uh…
Girlfriend: Just don't do it again.