Okay guys. It's gossip time. Sit, read, get laid. Because I've got some sexy sh*t to show you. Like…

Another Britney Spears crotch shot!!!

And this hotness:

I'm pretty sure these pictures should be used as evidence in her custody battle as to why Brit should NOT be near her kids. [DListed/ WWTDD/ CelebSlam]

Reese Witherspoon is now officially single. Good luck. [IDLYITW]

Charlize Theron
was named Esquire's Sexiest Woman Alive. [Egotastic]

Oh ok, we get it. So….tell the chick you're trying to bang that she's prettier than Charlize. You'll be moving to Bang City in an instant. Trust!

So….doesn't Nicole Richie's baby looks like it's sideways in her stomach? That being said, I find it amazing that she finally fits into her old rexie bikini. She's finally catching up with the rest of us living humans. [TMZ]

Lindsay Lohan has left rehab, but she's still in Utah. Not necessarily because she wants to keep rehabbing, but because she's addicted to dick. This guy's dick:

Another trick to getting laid: become a cokehead, go to rehab and wear t-shirts from 1993. You're gold! [WWTDD]

My favorite famous-ish person, Hugh Hefner's main ho Holly Madison, now has an actual job at Playboy! She got a promotion from girlfriend to girlfriend who makes $6.50 an hour. Girl power! [Ninjadude]

Pam Anderson has married for the third time – this time to a REAL winner: the dude who fucked Paris Hilton on tape. Her kids are so proud! She and her new man, Rick Salomon, have SO much in common: sex on tape, sex on tape and bjs on tape. Also sex – on tape! [DListed]

Those sex aliens with gun nipples that you dreamnt about after eating pot brownies have actually invaded the earth:


We love that Kim Stewart has gone from 'seriously fugly' to 'I'd do her with the lights off.' Nose jobs are amazing! And holy shit, so are those bangs. Yikes. [CityRag]

And finally, more proof that my favorite show is totally fake. I'm not talking about Kid Nation. [CelebSlam]

My baseball team is better than your baseball team,