1. No one gives a FUCK about your new pictures, and no one wants to "leave you some love" just because you post a bulletin, If you want me to look at your pictures post a bulletin saying "me in a bikini" or "me making out with other girls" I'm not perverted, thats just the way it is, anything else isn't fun to look at.

2. Fuck Tom

3. If you are a guy and you are ugly, don't add girls you don't know, they wont sleep with you just because you leave them a picture comment that says they are hot.

4. If you are a girl and you are ugly you can add guys you don't know, but don't message them, they are only adding you so it looks like they have more friends. Even ugly guys only wanna hook up with hot girls, what can you do?

5. Don't leave people comments yelling at them about you not being on their top friends, its a stupid thing to get mad about, and doesn't really matter.

6. Stop commenting me with stupid cartoons of Fred Flinstone fucking Garfield or whatever, it's not funny.

7. No one reads your surveys. NO ONE. EVER. unless they are obsessed with you. Just finish the survey and delete it, quit wasting bulletin room.

8. If you HAVE to put your personal business out for everyone to see, I understand, you need to vent, fine, just label your bulletin "read this if you want to know about who called me a bitch last night" or "guys suck because i'm crazy as fuck and do stuff like post bulletins that are only meant to be read by the person mentioned in them."

9. Any Bulletin that has anything to do with lesbians is OK.

10. I do not need an event invite to the walk for perspiration deficiency syndrome, I'm sure its for a good cause, but you know I'm not coming on a Tuesday at 5am, so don't bother.

11. Lesbians are awesome