Camera opens on a medieval castle/building thing

Dean Cain gives a rundown of the episode to come

Some story about a dog saving his master’s life or something

Dean Cain says some pun like, “caNINE-1-1??? Believe it”

{Commercial Break}

Some story about something or someone disgusting looking

Story of a person who survived like a hang gliding accident or lived through an impaling of some kind

Dean Cain holds up an object and tells us we’ll never believe what the thing he’s holding is used for

{Commercial Break}

The object he was holding is a torture device

A video of a world record being broken is shown

{Commercial Break}

A story about a group of people doing something normal, but they’re naked

Dean Cain half-smiles and says, “Unbelievable? Believe it.”

The castle is shown in full and the credits quickly roll by