A full episode without Hiro or Peter, that kind of bothered me. It made the episode seem to move a little slow, though there was enough interesting stuff, to not make me tune in to The Hills. The most exciting part of the episode was Sylar, or Gabriel Gray. Sylar is great, he seems to be so creepy, but he is at it his creepiest when he is trying to be fake endearing. It works so well. When he says ‘Oh Golly’ or ‘I know Dr. Suresh,’ makes my skin crawl.

Heroes adds yet another new character this week in Monica, the Nawlin Brawlin Babe. She has the power pretty similar to American society. She learns everything she knows from television. Pro-wrestling, tomato-flowers you name it, she can learn it. It’s a pretty awesome power especially if she takes a Sylar approach and purposefully start watching specific shows and learning martial arts, firearms, or sewing. She could maybe watch Heroes, and get the powers of everyone around her. That may be a bit too Meta.

Heroes may have gotten a little ham-fisted with their Katrina references. They beat us over the head with FEMA talk, talk about supporting people. Monica also says something about her being too selfish to this point, and then she breaks up a robbery. Do you think that she will become an actual hero in a way? I am talking costume and nighttime vigilantism, I sure hope so. That is my biggest hope that someone goes X-men style and dons a costume and starts fighting crime the old fashioned.

I am so happy that Mrs. Petrelli referenced Nathan’s beard not being synonymous with alcoholism. Just because you are clean-shaven does not mean you are not an alcoholic anymore.

The picture was a pretty exciting part of the episode; I was waiting to see who else was going to be in it. Bob, Mohinder’s boss, was in there and Parkman’s dad. We saw that coincidence coming, but I definitely did not see the coincidence that Parkman’s dad was going to be person haunting Molly. Molly slips into a coma state and Parkman needs to help her, he cannot get in her head. He will have to go to his house and take him out, or at least see what’s up over there.

West forces himself upon Claire, the way he asked her out ont eh date seemed a little creepy, I know I use that term a lot but that is how the bad guys on the show always start to sprout. That is why I think West works for the company or is evil in some way, he is way too much of a douche to be anything else.

Now for Streeter, here is a picture of HP, you creep (there is the word again)