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I once got you to chug a whole cup of piss at a party. You thought it was beer, but was actually 3/4 of a solo cup of piss chilled and the rest filled with beer and foam to give it a little color and look like beer. Oh and we also video taped it and showed the rest of the hall.
Eric, Univerisity of Michigan

Half the time, my headphones aren't even connected to anything. And, FYI, if you ASK if I'm listening to music, and I answer, I'm probably lying.
Murray State

I came back from class one day freshman year and heard sex sounds in the room. I thought it was the room next door, but it was coming from mine. I eventually went to my roommate's computer, moved the mouse to make the screen turn on and saw he left gay porn on. When he came back from class, all I said was "Hey, you left porn on your computer. Don't worry I turned it off". He moved out next semester.
Andy, Don't say my school

When I was put in a forced triple my freshman year I didn't get along with one of my roommates. Me and the other kid wanted to put a futon in the room so bad that we would pick something of his everyday and throw it in the dumpster. First it was the trashcan, then his pens, then shirts, until finally we threw out his family photos. We would tell him we had no idea where his stuff was going and would say, "yeah, we are losing alot of socks and stuff too." He was out within a month.
Ben, Roger Williams University

My roommate was paying for college on his own dime and worked 2 or 3 jobs—and had a ton of student debt. He was a waiter so he had a lot of cash that he kept in an envelope in his desk drawer. I don't consider myself spoiled but I am lucky enough for my parents to pay for college and at the time they gave me a little money every month so I "could concentrate on school." On a few occasions when I was low on cash I "borrowed" a few dollars from his cash-stash.
Jake W., Towson University

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