tears4fears12: Dude, you around?

RonBurgundy1: That's a given.

tears4fears12: Man, I dont know what do. Kerry just dumped me.

RonBurgundy1: Great Story. Compelling, and rich.

tears4fears12:I'm serious Craig. She took all her clothes from the apartment. Shes gone man. Shes gone and theres nothing I can do about it.

RonBurgundy1: Big Deal. I am very professional.

tears4fears12: Craig can you stop it? I have a real problem here man! You know the deal. I bought a ring last week man! I was going to give it to her next weekend when we went camping…and then yesterday I found out shes been f*cking Chris O'Malley for the last month. Where did I go wrong dude?

RonBurgundy1: Well, you have bad hair.

tears4fears12: What?

RonBurgundy1: I said…your hair…looks…stupid.

tears4fears12:Are you even listeningman? You're not high are you?

RonBurgundy1: MMMM! That is good fondue!

tears4fears12: Great, you're high. You''re a real asshole.

RonBurgundy1: I thought you were kidding! I even wrote it down in my diary! "Mike had a ver funny joke today." I laughed about it later that night!

tears4fears12: What the hell are you talking about? "Later that night?" I literally just told you that.

RonBurgundy1: That doesnt make sense.

tearsforfears12: Who the hell do you think you are man.

RonBurgundy1: I dont really know how to put this, but I'm kind of a big deal.

tears4fears12: I really needed you just now man. Way to let a brother down. Go f*ck yourself Craig.

RonBurgundy1: You know I dont speak Spanish.

auto response from tears4fears12: Going to kill myself. I love you Kerry. F*ck you, Craig.

RonBurgundy1: You stay classy, Mike.