Nick Swardson started doing stand-up before he was able to drink legally, and in 2001 became the youngest comedian to get a Comedy Central special. Now he's got two of them under his belt, both of which will be found on his new comedy CD/DVD, released on 10/23.

If not discovered through his nationwide touring as a stand-up comic, Swardson may be most widely known for his roles in Grandma's Boy, Reno 911, as well as appearances in movies alongside Adam Sandler and Will Ferrell this summer. I recently sat down with him (assuming he was seated when he answered my questions via e-mail) and he told me about his Ving Rhames lip lock, drinking habits, and new CD.

JK: When did you start doing stand-up and how did your first set go?

NS: Started when I was 18. My first time was awesome. I got a standing ovation after every word. Every show since then has been a let down.

Most people normally don't view the Midwest as a hotbed for comedic talent. Was it harder to get noticed starting your career in Minnesota?

Midwest was a great place to start. People aren't over exposed to comedy. Also they're so fat that they can't move and are forced to listen.

Which do you like better: stand-up or acting?

They're both fun. My favorite though is high-fiving.

Similar to the CollegeHumor readers, you enjoy the occasional black out, do you not? What types of sins are committed after you perform at a college?

I do black out. It's not that cool…(lying)…but I DON'T DRINK and drive. I used to and it's terrible. But booze is very fun. I try and drink with students after my shows. Sometimes I'll be backed up with work though and I can't which sucks.

You obviously earned a number of fans from your first Comedy Central Presents special and from Grandma's Boy, which are both very quotable. Do you ever get irritated when people yell your own one-liners at you when you're off stage doing some ordinary, mundane thing?

I'm not irritated by fans and quotes. It's great that people remember that stuff.

Many of your recent acting roles (Reno 911, Blades of Glory, Chuck and Larry) have been those of stereotypical gay guys. What do you do to avoid getting typecast?

Yeah, Chuck and Larry was the last gay thing I'm going to do for a while. Until I get drunk and blow a Senator in an airport bathroom tomorrow.

Any interesting heckler stories?

I was heckled once by the Queen of England. I'd rather not talk about it.

You got to fulfill every young boy's dream this year in Chuck and Larry: kissing Ving Rhames. What was that like?

It's funny. I remember seeing Pulp Fiction in high school and when Ving came on the screen…I came in my pants….no, I can't believe I did that. Ving was cool. We laughed about it. So weird. His mom hugged me at the premiere and called me her son-in-law.

Besides yourself, who are your favorite comics?

I love Bill Burr, Arj Barker and Daniel Tosh.

Your new CD, "Party" comes out October 23rd. What's included on it?

'Party' is 45 minutes of live stand up, a DVD with both my Comedy Central specials and 2 sketches featuring David Spade, Andy Samberg, Fred Armisen, the Sklar brothers and other great peeps.

What other projects do you have going on right now?

I'm shooting a movie with Sandler (Steve Sandler) called 'You Don't Mess With the Zohan'. It's a crazy action comedy. Very funny. I play his best friend. Also writing 2 more movies. Both for me to star in, directed by Nicholaus Goossen who directed Grandma's Boy. One is going to be produced by Sandler, the other by director McG (Charlie's Angels). Also getting Gay Robot the cartoon off the ground for Comedy Central. And getting gross drunk and building an arc.

Finally, how would you sum up your career so far?

My career…. one word……. Magical diarrhea.

To get more of Nick or his CD, check out his MySpace.