Ah, time to kick back and get me a dose of funny from good ole CH. Let’s see, what do we have today. Here we go pictures. Funny…funny…eh…seen it…If someone says “Simpsons did it” again, I might have to leave CH. No, I would be missed, probably not…Yeah, I would.
Videos; alright let’s see here. Funny…weird…how did the cow do that…I would totally bang her and her twin in the mirror, at the same time…STREET FIGHTER!! Man that was good. Good job CH, solid performance.
Time to read; what is going to exercise the brain today? WYR, pretty good…CCG, pretty cute…What’s this, “Commenter Keyboard.” Hmm, this is pretty funny…Wow, Jason Michaels, he sure is getting a lot of front page time. Jeeze, even the staffers are commenting on his articles; might have to pull out the old “staff infection” joke Now that joke is funny, but would it be appropriate since the super bug is out. I’ll hold back.… “Dan, you just made my CH.com scrapbook…and yes, i do have one” Why don’t you suck up more often Michaels. Whoa, this kid’s is getting a lot of praise. Jesus, ok, it’s funny, not that funny. WHY IS THIS GETTING SO MUCH PRAISE? I have to check out his other works….Oh a Carlos Mencia remote, that’s about as funny as Carlos Mencia himself….AIM buddy list? Alright might be a little funny…. What else. Tic-tac-toe, are you fucking serious….Stick figure…ha-ha.NO! Not funny. I can’t kid myself, that was funny, but I won’t “Like it”…Jesus, drunk dial, it’s been done…Paris Hilton, old news…more Jesus stuff…masturbating…“This Article Sucks”, I agree!… How can this kid just sign up and start making the front page like nothing. I mean, I wrote “Man vs. Wild meets Survivorman”. That was gold. “The Generic College Football Argument” was pure genius. Not to mention my other articles were equally as good in their own right. What a joke. I’m hungry.