Brad: Hey buddy, did you see how we totally kicked Boston College’s ass this weekend?

John: We beat BC’s football team? How did I not hear about this?

Brad: No, man! We beat them and a bunch of other schools at golf! Hell, we dominated! People have been talking about it a lot the last few days. It’s all over campus.

John: Dude, to be fair, you pretty much only hang around other kids on the golf team so maybe you guys have just been talking about it a lot.

Brad: Whatever. Everyone knows we have a nationally ranked program. You’re just jealous cause I play on a D-1 level and you’re just trying to win an intramural flag football championship.

[A hot girl walks by]

Brad: Hey Lisa, did you hear about how I lead the golf team to an amazing victory this weekend?

Lisa: We have a golf team? Oh hey, John! Good luck in the flag football game tonight. I’ll be there rooting for you.

[Lisa winks at John and walks away]

Brad: That girl is such a dumb skank.