Jenny Cleaver 10/25/07

Mrs. Snowden Grade 8

Jenny Cleaver: My Life

Narrorater: Once there was a real cool girl who was named Jenny Cleaver and jenny was the best and most pretty girl on the cheerleading team. Everyone always said “hey jenny I wanna be like you cause your the girl all the guys with cars want to go around town with to the movies and to eat” and she was. She was the best at back tucks and and roundoffs and she was getting a full scholarship to the state unavursaty for chearleading. And also she got an A+ on her short story for English class for Mrs. Snowden. She even volunteerd her time at a home less shelter and gave roses to childrenb with aids. One day a guy came to her and was the most cool boy on campus and he was a quarter back also.

Jarrid: hey i thought you should know that I think you are totally cool.

Jenny: oh I think that you are cool also I watched the game yesterday and you were great you threw the ball the farthest.

Jarrid: Wow jenny you know foot ball real well.

Jenny: I know a good amount cause my dad plays for the packers and is not a janitor at the middle school.

Jarrid: you are cool jenny. We should go to a movie on Friday. We could see an r rated one.

Jenny: that sounds fun but I really want to watch the ballerina movie that is coming out

Jarrid: I don’t know about ballerina ones but if you want to see it we could hold hands

Jenny: Okay!

Narrorater: So they went to the movies and they really liked it and held hands and afterwords he said

Jarrid: Hey that wasn’t bad. I like you.

Narrorater: And then he kissed her and at the same time it was they forgot it was fourth of july so fireworks went off and they were real! And he said

Jarrid: you are the prettiest girl ive ever met and you should where my promice ring so that none of us will cheat on each other with that ugly and mean Kelly Slone who is the least popular girl in middle school because she kisses other girls boyfriends.

Narrorater: And nobody did cheat and he didn’t kiss Kelly Slone even when Kelly Slone told everyone she wasn’t a virgin. So they were happy for a wile until one day Jarrid was introduced to crank in the locker room after playing football practice by Kelly Slone’s dad who really was a janitor at the middle school. Nobody noticed his addikshun until one day his coach was telling him that he was acting sort of funny.

Coach: You are acting sort of funny. do you have a drug addikshun?

Jarrid: No I am just on nerves because of the big game against the rivals.

Coach: I trust you you are a good quarter back. Walk it off.

Narrorater: But he couldn’t walk it off because crank is powerful. So one day it got so bad that jenny noticed.

Jenny: Hey jarrid. You have been acting like you are stimulated a lot.

Jarrid: Lay off jenny! Your always criticizing me!

Jenny: No I’m not! I’m scared for your health!

Jarrid: Nothings Wrong!

Jenny: I found your crank!

Jarrid: Why did you do that?

Jenny: Because I love you.

Jarrid: But I have some confessions. I had to sell my body to strangers to pay for my crank because it is expensive and so is gasoline.

Jenny: That is a lot of bad stuff Jarrid. I still love you though.

Jarrid: Really?

Jenny: Yes.

Narrorater: And then something that jenny totally didn’t expect happened.

Jarrid: You passed the test! You are truly the best girl on earth and now I can tell you that I was just testing you and that I’m actually not addicted to crank! And also I’m actually Zack Effron and I want you to replace that ugly girl in the new High School Musical!

Jenny: But I’m still in middle school!

Jarrid: We talked about it and we think you are cool enough to skip the rest of middle school! Also you are a princess because your dad is actually king of Australia so that means you are rich and actually don’t need to go to the state unavursaty when you are old!

Narrorater: And Jenny realized for the first time how special she really was and that she deserved to not sit at the fat table at lunch. So then they all lived happily ever after!