One thing's for sure: Large and In Charge is back with a vengeance. This season Grey's has been a little too Izzie-centric for my taste, and it was a welcome relief to have a break from all of her mindfuck this week. So Callie took over Seattle Grace, and she means business. But we'll get to all of that in a minute.

For whatever reason, the writers of this show love opening dream sequences. They love them more than Christina loves cutting people open and Meredith loves squinting her eyes and whining long diatribes. Anyway, this week opens up with Meredith looking at her own purple corpse, which suddenly wakes up and says "Pick me, choose me, love me," which is, in case no one knew, the best line in history of television. She's still freaked out though, which is weird, because Meredith's body is already limp and lifeless and frightening. You think she would have gotten used to it already.

Anyway, she takes this dream as a sign that she has yet to recover from her mother's death (tonight's theme is also, incidentally, "haunted"). As a result, she dumps her mom's cremated remains from the urn in her closet to a ziplock bag and then takes it to the hospital, prompting to Izzie to snicker, "Meredith put her mom in a baggie and brought her to work." Okay, Izzie does not have the right to cast stones at anyone for irrationality. She needs to pipe down, go screw someone's husband, and then kill a patient. Izzie is in absolutely no position to berate Meredith.

But wait! Retaliation does exist in the form of my girl Calliope Torres. Our blonde nymphomaniac is completely owned in the locker room when Callie and Bailey update the junior residents on their rounds. Callie snips that Izzie should not ask her questions, ever. Why? Because Izzie has been sleeping with her husband, Callie announces loudly to the entire room. Oh goodness, Large and In Charge. You got your groove back. I am so pleased with you.

Apparently, the nurses at Seattle Grace have created a "Nurses United Against Mark Sloan" Club, and McSleazy couldn't be happier and even sexily asks "What are club activities?" Normally I'm not really into guys who emotionally abuse the umpteen girls they're dating (oh, wait, yes I am), but I'm thrilled that McSteamy is getting more time on screen. He's in such a good mood that he even allows a little boy with no external ears to convince him to perform plastic surgery pro bono.

In that vein, let me just say: that little earless boy is maybe the cutest thing ever. He's adorable. He and Meredith manage to convince a host of people to perform the surgery via "trick or treating" for new ears. And you know what? He gets them. Because he's sweet and good and has a speech impediment. Speech impediments always win people over.

During rounds, Alex receives a Halloween surprise himself in the form of the return of Rebecca/Ava, his long-lost patient/make-out partner/one that got away. When Alex asks Rebecca why she came back, she looks in his eyes and says all dreamily that she didn't know what to be for Halloween, and "All I could think to be was Ava." They kiss. If you're not familiar with the plot line behind this then it's too long to explain, but there is no way to make fun of this segment. That kiss was perfect and magical and glorious. It made me not even care about Alex's goatee, that's how good it was. Also, this show is slowly making me realize why I have unrealistic expectations of relationships.

After Alex and Ava have sex (or make out topless, it's not totally clear), the other new residents question George and Izzie at lunchtime, who proclaim that they are officially a couple. Um, last time I checked, George was married and, despite what George may claim, his marriage has yet to end. Still, the lovebirds marvel at how they've been able to survive this tough day at work. If the writers are trying to find ways to make the audience like Izzie and George then it's not working. Separate from Izzie's obnoxious personality, there is no way that what they did will ever be okay.

In the epic battle of Izzie v. Callie, Christina takes the latter's side and makes it clear she doesn't support the new extramarital relationship. Yang even goes so far as to sell Burke's old apartment to Callie, even though she originally promised it to the Chief, who is divorcing. So I guess their marriage is ending, despite the fact that they never really had a conversation about it. When Callie checks the apartment out she agrees to buy and doesn't cry or complain or anything. She's moving on and completely centered. See? Told you my girl was back.

In other news:
Dr. Hahn, Seattle Grace's newest leading lady, swoops in and basically accuses Christina of being a slut, Bailey sympathizes with George while struggling to balance her job with her family, and Norman suffers from a stroke and decides to quit surgery in favor of psychiatry. An old man needs a heart and when his daughter unexpectedly dies George and his admittedly excellent bedside manner convince the dad to accept it. Oh, and a guy amputates his own leg with a chainsaw. There are few things I love more than Grey's Anatomy and Halloween, and when they're fused together like this my little heart almost bursts open with joy. They even showed his severed tendons and blood and everything, and the guy was totally nutty before, during, and after the incident. You are perfect, Seattle Grace. I love you just the way you are. Don't ever change.

When we end our story, Meredith's mom finally puts her mom to rest by washing away her ashes in the sink an OR scrub room. The Chief comes in and helps, and it's fitting, poignant, and exactly what Ellis Grey would have wanted.

Final thoughts:
At the end of the episode Alex breathes in Ava's shirt, which she leaves behind in the on-call room. While this sentiment is nice, did Ava just leave the hospital with no shirt on? What happened there?
Line of the night: "Daddy?" -Cute ear boy to McSteamy.
I'm so disappointed the show traded in Norman, the best intern ever, for Dr. Hahn, who is just a pricklier version of Addison Shepard.
Next week: Extra long Grey's Anatomy. Eeeeh!!!