Sorry that I took so long to get this in, but the main reason for that is, because I was just not excited to watch this show. I was so nonplus about this that I watched The Marine with John Cena. I am not about to say I liked that movie, because I didn’t at all. I knew full well what I was getting into and I still went for it over Heroes. I know last week everyone of the commenters was up in arms about me saying I didn’t like the episode, and that I shouldn’t be writing these articles if I don’t like the show. I will defend my stance by saying I loved the show, I use to love, and I still want to love it. I feel like I am at the end of the relationship with a really hot girl, who is spending so much time with ‘an old friend’ and I just stick around because she will get over it, and their will be more action sequences and people using their powers, and us renting movies together to watch.

I am not an idiot or anything, but I am definitely getting tired of half the show being in subtitles, that’s crazy that a network primetime show has that much non-English in it. Obviously there is no way around it, but are we to assume that the brother will never speak English? How did the sister learn without him learning anything, not even the word kill? I did like it a little bit that Sylar went all super-villain and revealed his plan, albeit not to a gringo.

The one redeeming thing for me in this show right now, is the character Monica, she seems like she is going to be a legit hero. I am thinking her Grams will catch her making a neoprene body suit, and know exactly what is going on because she had powers as a little girl. Monica can enlist her little sidekick in Micah, and he can make all these badass gadgets and she can watch DVDs of fighting movies, the Olympics, and the Spice Channel. Though I wonder if she watches Micah fix stuff, will she be able to learn it? Hopefully Mohinder will be able to answer that question.

What happened to Mohinder, he turned into such a dick, he is making all these retarded mistakes, he is what we covert types call ‘In Too Deep.’ Poop is about to hit the fan in his world; it is about to go nuts. Speaking of nuts, what is up with Claire’s dad, why did he become such a dick? I am not even talking about lying to his daughter; he killed a guy to make it look like a home invasion? If someone from the company dies, do you think they will assume it was a home invasion? Doubt it.
All in all, I am excited to see how things turn out; I really want some stuff to happen. Something I can get behind, and the previews showed some stuff that could be interesting (I wont reveal in case people skip them, like I totally should).

Also I think I am about to get mind wiped by the Haitian (which by the way is totally stolen from The Identity Crisis in DC).